We save makers from being misrepresented by their photos and missing opportunities to sell their work.

We’ve been there. Even with photographic expertise, it took us a while to learn to take great photos of fursuits.

We had to start from the ground up to develop techniques specific to taking fursuit photos. Now we’re ready to help you save time figuring it out yourself.

3 steps to shine

  1. Set up a studio in your workshop,

  2. Get comfortable with your camera,

  3. Take photos you’re proud of the first time, every time.

Join the Ambassador tier to be first priority in our community.

If your photos don’t shine, you’ll end up settling for the minimum price for your hard work.

You’ll take a lot less time to take photos because nearly every shot will be as good as your designs.

Be admired. Work less, sell more. Connect to your tribe today.