furry SHOOTS!

A Growing Movement in Furry Photography

Furry Shoots is a first-year company known already by many who love to create anthropomorphic costumes and art. From illustrators to character designers, the furry community has no single mission nor meetingplace, and we celebrate that by photographing publicity shoots at conventions nationwide.


Artful portraits of your character taken at any con.



So, how can you use our photography?

  1. Just like any illustrator, our art belongs to the artists. However,

  2. You also have complete permission to reuse, remix and redistribute photos of you and your friends for personal purposes, as long as you also share the credit with us, and

  3. If you would like to use our work for profit, you must contact us.

For more info, read our FAQ.



Commission Us~

Turn memories into art with finishing services

We love creating stickers, GIFs, draw-overs and other Photoshop edits to your character, bringing them to life with your unique personality.


Our portfolio, products, and request forms will be available again soon. Thanks for your patience.



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