hero: aspiration

We help makers create a steady steam of images to promote their brand.

Problem: external

It’s tough to learn photography.

Problem: internal

Feeling ashamed of their current photography stops them from trying to get big online.

Problem: Philosophical

Try to hack it: sell in person v.s. Learn a tough skill

Problem: villain

Nobody likes feeling like a fraud when they make art.

Guide: Empathy

We understand how you feel… between rapidly changing technology, and the mysterious initialisms or vocab words. It seems like photography is more of a science than a vital medium for marketing your brand.

Guide: Authority

Here’s our case study: we used to take photos with lots of problems. Now they’re artful, accurate and intentional. We know how to organize a shoot and you can too.

We know about: portraits/faces, costumes/fursuits, e-commerce photography, flattering lighting and accurate color, dslr vs. mirrorless, adobe products, subjects-who-are-not-models, etc.

Plan: Process


Plan: Agreement


Call to action: Direct

Join the Furry Shoots Academy

Call to action: Transitionary

Enjoy our insightful, motivational, transformative and sexy lead magnet.


#1: Shame and fear win, the virtual doors close to your online business.



A: Uncomfortable with cameras, misrepresentative brand photography.

B: Confident with a camera, representative brand photography.