furry SHOOTS!


Who are we?

We, furries, are celebrators of life, movers and shakers of culture, and professionals. We are aligned with the bold beliefs of youth as well as the responsibility and leadership of maturity. We are charitable activists who organize monumental events for the sole purpose of bringing together a fandom born during the internet age.

The two creators of Furry SHOOTS! joined this “community” out of our admiration for a group of people with no leader or manifesto. Many attendees of furry conventions are fellow LGBTQ members of society or our allies. The organizations which create these events to be a weekend space to host panels, art shows, and unique businesses such as ours, encourage more people every year to attend and share their love of anthropomorphic art.

For more about the artists, read About Us.

Does our business have a mission?

We aim to provide everyone we reach with a new way to get reliable, custom-tailored and unique portraits at any con.

Many owners of fursuits and other cosplay would like images of their costume that suits their style, matches their personality or achieves certain high-quality goals. We’ve got you covered.

How can I use my portraits?

Here are our guidelines for use:

  • Furry SHOOTS!™ holds a permanent copyright to our work, including all derivations thereof, however,

  • We also give the general public a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribute Non-Commercial Share-Alike License unless otherwise noted, and

  • In accordance with Fair Use laws, our work can be used commercially with full and clear credit in certain limited circumstances.

What does this mean?

  1. We own the universal rights to every image we create. This means we may sell our work as merchandise, or use them to advertise our services. If you would like special restrictions on your work, you must purchase your own copyright from us to do so, (These services will become available soon. Please inquire.)

  2. You also have complete permission to reuse, remix and redistribute photos of your and your friends for personal purposes, as long as you also share the credit with us, and

  3. If you would like to use our work for profit, you must have written permission.


For example, when sharing our photos to sell your costume, you do not need written permission, however, you can not resell our work as included with your costume (thus adding value to it).